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Friday, 16 July 2010

Ok, so here is another Skin Wisdom product I have been trialling recently. I had heard about the beauty balm being used as a "dupe" for the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm people often rave about. You got to admit, there are some serious similarities going on with the name!! But I can't actually compare the two as I haven't tried the Clarins version.

Anything I have tried of Clarins' though has always been nice so I should imagine that the Tesco version has a lot to live up to!!

Anyhooooooooo, the product is another cheapy one which I think I paid something like £4.00 for. Pretty standard price for non-luxury brands. However, I must admit that it did feel nicer on my skin than some of my other cheaper moisturisers. It's quite a thin consistency that is still very moisturising. My skin felt fresh and nourished as soon as I used this product, and continued to feel moisturised all day. Not bad.

The idea with the product is that it should provide "instant" effects making the skin look youthful and hydrated. I have seen reviews of this product with some women even claiming it reduced their dark circles under their eyes!! And the directions for application actually tell you to concentrate on the under eye area – which I found a little strange because usually you are told to avoid this with normal moisturisers.

So I used this for around a week daily and I must admit that whilst my skin felt nourished I wasn't particularly wowed by it. Yes it moisturises my skin and doesn't leave a thick layer of product, but unfortunately there were no changes to my under eye circles (not surprised however as I thought that would be a stretch too far!), no changes to the fine lines I have and worst of all IT CAUSED ME TO BREAK OUT IN SPOTS!

Boooooooo hisss!!!!

I never get spots as I was "lucky" enough to have acne as a teenager, so whatever the issue was then it left me alone when I was about 18 years old. Most products don't cause me any issues on this front so if a product makes me break out I just can't help but wonder what's in it to cause such an adverse reaction. The bottom line is though that for whatever reason my skin must not be able to breathe when I use this and therefore pores get clogged and well we all know how that ends up…

Which is a shame as I think that as a moisturiser this works fine and is pretty reasonably priced.

However, for me I will be passing it on for someone else to try because I don't fancy repeating my teenage years.

Anyone else tried this??


  1. I haven't tried it no and don't think i will as I don't fancy breaking out in spots either! I am always dubious about trying out new skincare as I don't want to stop using products that already do my skin a lot of good, to try out new ones which may do the opposite!

    This is a great review though! It's such a shame it broke you out! Maybe it is better for really dry skin!



  2. Great review, but sad to find out it's a dud. I've wanted to try the Skin Wisdom line for a while but will give it a miss now.
    Kat x Click&Make-Up!

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  4. i hate it when products cause a breakout! so annoying. i won't be trying this as my pores clog easily so most likely the same thing will happen to me.

    sofia x


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