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Friday, 3 January 2014

Ok, so I am not lying when I say I am obsessed with this place.  It is amazing.

So it's actually a running joke with some of my friends and family that whenever we go for a pub lunch or dinner I choose whatever Pie dish is on the menu.  Since moving to Manchester City Centre I've not been able to do the pub lunch thing as much - more dinner and drinks.

So imagine my delight when I realised there is a place dedicated to pies!  And not just pies - amazing ones at that.

Pie Minister in Northern Quarter is actually a shop with seating (there is a pub in Chorlton which I am yet to go to).  It's situated on Church Street and I have to be honest, I walked passed it LOADS of times.

Anyway, one Sunday I finally entered and loved it.  The decor is simple and cute.  One thing I would say is be prepared to sit very closely to others, it's ones of those places - not a lot of seating and popular.  Totally worth it though.


Sadly, I was unable to get good quality photographs on this occasion as it was my first visit and I had to whip the old phone out.  I promise I will take some better ones on my proper camera another time!

I had the Free Ranger Pie which is free range British Chicken and outdoor reared ham hock with leek and west country cheddar, with mash and gravy.  

I've been back since and had the same, less the mash - for me it's too much!  I can't eat it all. 

On top of the pie belonging to my boyf opposite mine are crispy shallots.  Nom alert!  Definitely worth a try lovelies - in London, Amsterdam, Bristol and Manchester.  And they do Weddings - definitely keeping that in mind!



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