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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hello lovelies. Hope your week is going well so far!

At the moment I'm in that transitional stage between eating whatever whenever during the party season to being super strict and health conscious.

I blame the week and a half cold I managed to start the new year with and struggle to shift. So annoying.

My aim this week is to get back to the gym (done so far) and to eat breakfast every day (done so far).

I've also got many more goals but I won't bore with them all today!

One of my problems is when I stop eating breakfast - I hate the thought of it, which is ridiculous because when I get back in the habit I love it. WEIRD OR WHAT.

So I have to concentrate in making breakfasts I enjoy visually and taste wise.

Here's a present favourite...




- Rolled oats

- Almond Milk

- Peaches (tinned, drained and rinsed)!

- Raisins

- Nutmeg

- Cinnamon


I love this because it is filling without being too calorific or fatty!!

This sees me through until lunch time - at which point I head to the gym. I need to incorporate a mid morning snack into the mix but I'm too unorganised this week!

What are you eating for breakfast??


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  1. I'm also in that period. I never skip breakfast, it's something I need! I also think its the easiest meal to make healthy. My favourite is also porridge, I put whaterver berries I have on hand, cinnamon and I drizzle maple syrup on top. This morning I tried a smoothie, but I didnt cook my banana properly (Im allergic to some raw fruits) and my belly ached :(


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