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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

…Then look no further than mosaic-creativity.

I happily stumbled across this brand at the Clothes Show in December and picked up the above pretty bundle of items. I absolutely love the leaf earrings as it's been ages since I've had a dangly earring that doesn't look a bit ott!  These are perfect and I have always had a tendency to love a feather earring so I was super chuffed!

Having had a nosey on their website I saw they do some really cool stuff, such as their Signature Pendant and Chain collection which you will find here.  And yes, they really do start at £1!!!  Absolute bargain.

What's even cooler is they do workshops (link) - sadly I am not local to their shop but if anyone is Leicester based it may be worth a shout!

I'd say definitely worth a look girlies if you are in search of some pretty costume jewellery that isn't going to break the bank!


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