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Thursday, 10 November 2011

So no doubt like many of you ladies out there I have recently been pretty excited to actually feel enthusiastic about a Limited Edition Collection. The more recent ones really haven't done it for me so I was really pleased when this collection came out because it is just so pretty.

So I trotted off to MAC at the first opportunity I got and had my eye on a couple of pieces which I thought would be nice to get. Sadly (or happily for my bank account) they were sold out! Gone without a trace! So I could only pick up one thing from the collection which was one of their lipsticks in What Joy! 

Firstly, can I just say - what a cute name!! I love it when the name of a shade is as cute as that. For some reason it makes me like a product so much more. The lipstick comes in a white outer case and is packaged in a silver box which really adds to the wintery theme. Such a novelty given MAC's usually matte black packaging. I really like it. Plus, if you haven't yet seen the collection you must go and look at it - everything is white and glittery with some of the eyeshadow palettes having a sort of snow globe on the front. Divine.

In terms of application the lipstick glides on seamlessly but I must say I was expecting it to be darker. It looks very dark before applying but goes on much lighter.  I think you could build the colour up though  as I applied a little and was conscious that I didn't want it smudging. I think for ordinary use I will apply with a lip brush. Anyway, enough description - I'm guessing you want a proper look at how it looks on!

I love a good strong lip colour in winter and this does not disappoint.  I absolutely love this colour and think not only is it good on it's own, but also it is a really good colour to mix with nudes if you want to tone down in the day.

They retail at £14 and the best part of all that I haven't mentioned until now is that it literally smells like chocolate.  Honestly, you should have seen my excitement before when I applied and was like omg CHOCOLATE SMELLS yummy!

What do you think girlies? Do you like??
Have any of you picked up any of the new collection or grabbed yourself this lipstick?
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  1. I love that shade on you. Makes me consider purchasing this lippie for sure.

  2. Great shade, it really suits you.

  3. The shade looks great on you. Your makeup is gorgeous in this photo!

  4. This colour really suits you :)

    Georgie <3

  5. Very pretty, looks gorgeous xx

  6. This looks like a gorgeous shade, it really suits you! I haven't really had a look at the collection yet, but I like the look of some of the paintpots xx

  7. that looks lovely on you! can i ask what camera you use? would be really appreciated :) x


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