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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hi lovelies!  As you all no doubt know, hair oil seems to be taking the beauty world by storm.  I have used various oils since I first relaxed my hair back when I was 15 (lonnnnng time ago!), so I have been extremely happy to see them become more mainstream.  So when I was lucky enough to be sent a Beauty Box from Boudoir PrivĂ© in September with this sample enclosed I was very excited. 

As I was only able to pick it up from the post office in October I guessed you had all already had your monthly fill of blog posts on the contents of September's box and therefore concluded I would review each product in turn after I had been able to try them thoroughly.  

The Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment was provided in a sample size of 10ml, although it usually comes in a 125 ml size pump bottle.  Macadamia Natural Oil describe this treatment as a therapeutic oil perfect for all hair types and is especially beneficial to dry, damaged hair and I must say, I am certainly convinced.

The product is alcohol free which is an instant positive for me and although I don't use it before drying there is plenty of information on http://macadamiahair.co.uk/ regarding usage and reducing your drying time by 40-50%.  I personally apply it after I have dried and styled my hair to nurture and smooth out the ends.  It works fabulously for this by the way.  It instantly smooths my hair with the added bonus of making it smell divine.  I can use a teeny tiny bit all over, which is why I know this product will last me ages never mind the full size one. 

So would I purchase this when my sample is finished?  I think so, yes.  I love how it makes my hair feel and do believe it is a good substitute for some of the harsher products I have used to keep my hair neat and sleek in the past.  It seems to retail at around £18 on amazon

Overall a definite recommendation from me and I will certainly be testing out other products from their range in the future, as they look as equally promising.  To find out more click here.  


  1. i love this! there hair mask is amazing too though!! :) xx

  2. The hair mask is really good, not tried the oil though can't imagine it being better than my beloved moroccan oil though

  3. Thanks for the great review!

  4. I love hair oils and this one sounds really good. I never really thought to use them on dry hair! Great tip :) xx

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  6. I really want to try all the different kinds of hair oils. I know a lot of people like jojoba oil and Moroccan oil. I've tried ENJOY's hair oil which really helped my hair out. Thanks for the review:D!


  7. This is a great review and an AMAZING product! Please check out my review at http://hiddentreasure21.blogspot.co.uk/ xxxx

  8. I look forward to reading all the info you have here.

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