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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hey Everyone!

Hope you're having a happy Sunday!?  I've been very productive today and popped a video on YouTube while searching for a home to buy in Manchester.  Still not quite found the right place yet but here's hoping...

Anyway, I found out about Proto-col Baked Mineral Cosmetics this week and I'll be honest - I hadn't really come across them before.  Once I had read the press releases though I was very intrigued and super excited to give their foundation and lipgloss a try.

Happy Wearing of New Products Times!

LED Lipgloss £10.95
Baked Mineral Foundation £27.95

First Up - The Foundation

As you can see below the foundation comes in a pressed compact format.  This is a rarity for mineral foundation which of course is usually loose.  The shade is Moroccan, which looked slightly dark at first but when I applied it and let it sink into my skin I found that it was a really good match.

You can build up coverage and it lasts for a good while on the skin too, so you won't get that annoying situation where it looks like you have no makeup on an hour after application!  Plus, if you do need to retouch you have the joy of the lovely mirror with the compact.

This is how my skin looked up close after application using my Bare Minerals Fawless Face Brush (you can have a look at my video applying it here if you like).
Not bad eh!

I do really like this foundation.  I know it is a little pricey, but I really do think it has the potential to last a long time and it makes my skin look so dewy and healthy.  Definitely going to be using this on a regular basis!

Secondly, the LED Lipgloss

Before saying anything else I want to just say that I absolutely love this.  Can you see the LED light in the lid???
So cool.  Also there is a mirror on the side so you can apply it in low light conditions without worrying you have it all over your face!! Yay!

This is shade Coconut Ice and it's just so pretty.  I have it on in the above picture for you to see! It's not sticky at all and lasts for ages.

I definitely recommend these products and would say check out the range in general because they have eyeshadows and all sorts! I love and I am so glad I have found out about them!

If you want to have a look at these products and the different shade options you can go to www.proto-col.com

Happy looking!


  1. Might have to give this a try some time :)

  2. Ooh i like the look of the foundation - But i tend to find all my compact type powders are used up so quickly... but I may have a little look :) x

  3. Gorgeous lip colour, your hair looks amazing in the top picture :)


  4. If you want to look at any proto-col products please let me know. I am a Consultant for proto-col at home and based in Wigan and cover the north west. I do proto-col demonstrations. My email is angela.miller1@virgin.net if you'd like more information please contact me

    Regard Angela x


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