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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hi lovelies - hope your week is going well!  I'm presently trying to type with super cold hands as I have just got in from work.  It's so cold!

Anyway, some of you who follow me on twitter or instagram will have seen my recent post showing some shoes that I recently found in my wardrobe.  I have had them for like 5 years and was so excited when I rediscovered them!

Quite a few of you also commented on how much you like my tattoos, which brings me onto the subject of today's post...

I think I should start by coming clean.  The reason for me finding the shoes was to show off my tattoos and the reason for this was because they aren't real and are actually temporary tattoos!!

Yes, I am a fraud.
These beauties were provided to me to review after I expressed my excitement about how amazing they looked.  I think that the quality is pretty good and certainly in real life you can't tell that they aren't real.  It seemed so weird to use these as an adult but at the same time they are great for those of us who either can't have them due to our jobs or are too scared to take the plunge.  I kind of fall into both categories and I admit - I have had the black tights on today to hide my naughty little secret!!

The tattoos themselves though are absolutely fabulous - simple to apply - just apply face down and put a damp sponge over the top for 1 min until you can remove without any problems.  Word of warning though - don't do what I did and forget to take the plastic off as I sat there wondering why it wasn't working until the tattoo had stuck to the plastic! Gutted as it was my favourite design too.

I can't wait to try all the others in the range which look like this...

What do you think ladies, would any of you buy these?
They retail at £8.00 at Boots xx


  1. Cute!! I'd buy them.. its great if you want a real tattoo but dont know if it would stretch on a certain location. I want to get a design on my ankle but standing flat and on toes.. totally different. Would be fun to buy these and test out some ideaS! x

  2. That's actually a good/cute idea! I would definitely buy them!

    When I saw this picture on instagram I actually thought they were real!

  3. w o w! i really want these! i'd love to trick everyone into thinking i've got a tattoo! xx

  4. I'm not sure I'd get a real one but I'd certainly give these a shot, Might give it a go closer to christmas!

  5. These are truly fab ! So cute ! I wouldn't want a permanent tatoo then I'd love to try those !
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  6. Lovely blog, it made me smile!

    I'm following!



  7. I'm not sure I'd pay £8 for somthing which is temorary! They look really sweet though :) x

  8. Ohh! I love your blog, im following you now ;) <3

    XoXo Rikke

  9. I remember i used to wear them when I was younger lol!
    Those bows look very cute though



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