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Saturday, 5 November 2011

So firstly, I feel like I totally missed a trick by not reviewing this before Halloween given the name of this concealer, but the good news is I have had plenty of time to test it and therefore you can rest assured I now have a good sense of how this concealer works.

Which by the way is well, in case you couldn't wait to get to the end of the post...

This concealer is much creamier than the Kick Ass Concealer I loved and reviewed last week here.

I just love the packaging!

So why does this concealer work well?  Here's the thing - it's super super blendable, it's incredibly long lasting and it brightens the whole under eye area.

This concealer is specifically for the under eye area.  I can only assume that this is why it is so easy to blend and very lightweight in consistency.  It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes in the slightest and literally makes a huge difference to my under eye area.

To get the best use out of this I put it on top of the Kick Ass Concealer.  The Kick Ass Concealer itself does enough to cover my dark circles.  It conceals and they are gone.  What this specific concealer does however is brightens up the whole area, so it's not that it covers more but the fact that it makes me look so much more awake.  I cannot leave the house without it now.

Most of you will be able to use this alone and I would recommend getting this before getting the Kick Ass Concealer as my dark circles are severe and at weekend I am happy to use this under eye concealer alone.  It's only when I am applying my heavier makeup in the week do I use both for a completely flawless look.

This concealer retails at £9.00 at Boots although I have seen some other cheaper listings online when carrying out a google search.  I definitely paid £9.00 though.  It is definitely worth the money and I will be asking for family to buy me this for xmas in the bucket load because if I ran out and it stopped being made I really would be gutted.  This concealer, along with their Kick Ass Concealer has totally replaced all the other concealers I have used - which I really did not think would happen.

Buy it now!


  1. After reading your review, I am so tempted to give it a shot! <3 :)

  2. this sounds great! i have really bad under eye circles so this is a must have now! x


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