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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Happy weekend lovelies! Hope you are all having a lovely time - I know a lot of you are at the Leeds bloggers meet up today so I hope that's fun!!

This is a bit of a random post really but I was feeling pretty positive because the suns out and it's a Saturday.

I am in a super mood today - hence the reason for the title above.  I am so inspired I am thing of doing one of those 100 things posts...  Not sure yet. 

Anyway, not much point to this post other than to say I feel like I have got my blogging mojo back and I am really enjoying posting regularly again.  Hope you are enjoying reading!

I have lots of exciting things coming up, including a giveaway - so keep them eyes peeled *_*

Aso, I am on a diet now so hopefully I will be able to share with you how that goes over the next few months.  I am trying to lose 14lbs which is basically what I have gained over the past year through working super long hours, commuting, eating the wrong food and at the wrong time with no exercise.  

Speaking of which - I am off out to go on a run now as my horrendous daily headache I seem to have at the moment has just disappeared so I better make the most of it. 

That's all for now really, except for a MASSSSSSSIVE thank you to my new followers and of course thank you to you lovelies that have stuck around the past year during my absences!! 

Enjoy your Saturday! xx


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  2. nice blog only just discovered it :-)


  3. You don't need to lose 14lbs but its easy for others to say its how you feel yourself.
    I know I could lose a bit of weight but I love food lol! I am starting Zumba next week...! xx

  4. From what I see, you don't need to lose any weight!
    Have a lovely weekend, it's always good when your in a super happy moody too.x

  5. Thank you for the follow :)
    I love your blog, its so pretty,

    i'm following you ♥

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  7. good luck with weight loss, it can be hard at time just need will power, but u dont need to loose the wieght, u look beautiful :D

  8. love this photo. you have a gorgeous face and profile. 

    nice beauty blog.:)   new follower.




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