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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The search for that perfect foundation, which suits your skin perfectly, is a tough one.  Most of us will never truly reach the point where we believe we have found the true holy grail foundation.

Don't get me wrong.  There are times when you feel you may be close, but the promise of something better on the market will usually get in the way.

Which leads me on to today's topic.  Another foundation review for your consideration.   This time, a new brand for me - Mary Kay.  I found this foundation as a sample from the latestinbeauty website.  I only got the opportunity to try it over the previous weekend however I was very impressed with the result and will seriously consider purchasing this in a more shade appropriate colour.

First thoughts were that it instantly evened out my skin tone and texture.  The foundation itself is not too thick and very blendable, but with the added benefit of very good coverage.  Certainly a positive for me!

The colour, was a ghostlike white (shade Ivory 3 to be precise), however having seen their website it would appear there are quite a few more shades to choose from.   That said, there does appear to be colours to suit darker skin so they could do with expanding the shade range all the same.

Aside from the colour though I like the finish it gave me and would say that it lasted most of the day.  I have yet to try this during a working day, although I would imagine it would last pretty well.

Here is the way the foundation looks on the skin...

I love how matte it is. It keeps any shine at bay which is a real plus for me as my nose is terrible for being shiny no matter what I do.

I could also get away without using any concealer with this, although I used a little to brighten the under-eye area later on.

Have any of you tried this brand before? I am totally new to them although it seems like they do quite a bit. If you want to look the website is here. The foundation retails at £16.00


  1. I actually have this foundation at the moment, but it's the luminous wear one. I quite like it, it lasts all day and covers well... I don't use it all the time, and tend to mix in some Nars orgasm illuminator to make it glow a little more. Nice foundation but prefer nars sheer glow xx

  2. I can tell the matte effect, which is very nice and smooth. In my opinion, this foundation worked pretty well.


  3. I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

  4. This foundation looks rather good (:, thanks for sharing!

    CMPang x

  5. I used to have the Mary Kay hand cream and hand scrub a couple of years ago.. x

  6. Was it any good??

  7. I didn't even realise they did a luminous one!  Where did you get it from?  I am at a loss at to where I can get this that isn't online? x

  8. GiddyPrincess - the products are only sold through independent beauty consultants. Usually a consultant would come to you, advising which products would suit your requirements. We bring samples for you to try and answer any questions you may have. I'm a consultant based in Kent. If you email me on sally.mk@hotmail.co.uk, letting me know where you are located, then we can take it from there. Sally x


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