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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Just before Christmas I purchased some new MAC lipsticks for all the parties etc.  I asked for a creamy muted red shade and don't believe that I came away with that colour I had in mind but my description obviously wasn't that great.  And despite that, I did like these colours when I gave them a quick swatch with the MUA.

The top colour, Cosmo, I like. I think it is a good colour for mixing and will look nice for lots of different occasions.

I am not completely sold on Hang Up though.  I just hate how it applies on my lips.  It looks darker than the swatch below if you apply it heavily, but I just can't because it ends up bleeding everywhere even when I put liner on.  I just cannot get it to work for me!  The bottom look is from applying with a lip brush.  I'm not massively keen.  Plus I think I will be too worried to wear it out of the house on the basis that it will no doubt end up all over my face!

What do you think ladies?  Do any of you own these?

MAC Cosmo

MAC Hang Up

Definitely need to work on Hang Up more to try and get what I wanted out of it!

Have a great Saturday lovelies! x
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  1. I love that hang up colour, suits you!!

  2. Yolanda Grunewald21 January 2012 at 12:51

    I think they look nice!. .x

  3. I've never heard of Cosmo before. Hang Up looks gorgeous, thanks for warning us about the bleeding 'cos I think, I might have been tempted to make a cheeky purchase and I'm bad enough at application as it is! Shame, such a gorgeous colour. Really suits you.

  4. I wanted to get hang up a while ago but it looked too purple on me! It looks great on you, a "my lips but better" shade.

  5. Thanks Hun. Seems everyone likes it but im still not sure!!!!


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