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Saturday, 28 January 2012

The term "FOTD" is used loosely here.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how some products really can make your skin look fabulous. My hair is scraped back and unstraightened. I have no eye makeup on and haven't even coloured in the eyebrows.

So for me this is really really bare faced. I would never let people normally see me like this!

However, sometimes it's good to come clean and show you things like how straight my eyelashes really are!

So here goes...

I used:-

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Laura Mercier Under Eye Concealer
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
Lily Lolo Flawless Silk

What I like about this picture is that my skin looks smooth and healthy. The dewy(ish) finish really is down to Lily Lolo - I swear by Flawless Silk for making my skin look pretty.

I would never leave the house like this and this is the look I ended up with:-

Whilst I was happy with my makeup that day (lippie was applied later) what really struck me was that the bronzer and blush seemed to make my skin look duller. I always tend to use darker bronzers and blushers on my face because basically I believed you skin looked "dead" (as I MUA once described my sisters skin as because she didn't have enough blusher on - cheeky c"w) but I am really going to focus on using lighter blushers for a while to see if the above look can be kept.

What do you think ladies - have you found this at all? Any tips for flawless skin? Or pretty blush colours?

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  1. You look lovely even with minimal makeup!! Wish I had the guts to do this... Eeek! xx

  2. you look really pretty I love this! You have amazing eyes! X

  3. You're gorgeous either way :)
    Love this look xx

  4. Your skin looks beautiful, I have tried Lilylolo and did a post a little while ago,have a look and see what you think. I love their new Juicy Peach blush a nice natural peachy colour on the cheeks. After seeing your skin I'm interested to try their Flawless Silk. May have to order a little sample ;) x

  5. Yo have fantastic skin without any make-up on - which I ddi!! lol
    Mind you I havent wore any foundation or anything lately just mascara.

  6. You have stunning eyes! And such beautiful skin!! :) xx

  7. even without eye make up you're fabulous :)

    you know what ? i wished i look that good without make up !!!!!!!!

    xxx !

  8. You look great even without makeup!


  9. You look pretty either way. :)

  10. Your skin look aah-mazing here! xoxo

  11. You look stunning even without eye make up!!flawless skin and eyes gorgeous!!
    hugs and kisses!

  12. U're pretty even without eye make up! Love the effect of the estee lauder foundation.


  13. You look beautiful with and without the make up you lucky girl! I'm finding the same thing...I'm trying to use a very light bronzer as a contouring powder and keeping the rest of the skin fresh! xxx

  14. I think you look fabulous and gorgeous!! You have gorgeous eyes!!

  15. I love your blog! I just spent ages reading back through your older posts :D So glad I found it!

  16. u look gorgeous hun ,, love the nude lipstick on u =)

  17. Gorgeous look!! I actually really like the fact that theres no eye makeup, a few of the girls actually were sporting this in work today, it makes your eyes stand out and puts more emphasis on how flawless your skin looks :)

  18. you look gorgeous even without make up. jealous!

  19. You look pretty, I wish I could look good without my eye make-up!


  20. Yolanda Grunewald30 January 2012 at 12:49

    you look flawless without eyemake up.. almost better!! You have really nice cheek bones.. x // http://yolandaas.blogspot.com/


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