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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Yay! My beauty box arrived in the post yesterday. Had chance to do a quick scan before bed last night and here's what's included.

This month is totally about skin care in some ways it's not as exciting as some of the items I've seen before. I like a good mix and don't necessarily feel this is that, but I'm still keen to try everything out and for that reason it's probably a more useful box for me!

I'm most excited to try the Phyto conditioner as I used to use some of their hair care products years ago and they really helped my hair.

I tried the cleanser last night and I liked it, although it felt a teeny bit like taking my makeup off with moisturiser because the product is so thick. My skin felt better this morning though! A lot less greasy!

Who else has this box this month??


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