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Monday, 28 March 2011

Ok so here's what my beauty essentials looked like last year... Some of you loved this post and agreed that this was a reasonable amount and some of you (I couldn't believe) said that this may be somewhat excessive.

This year I really do need your help.

I have booked a holiday to Dublin, well more of a city break - only staying for a couple of nights. But during this period I will need to look nice, wash and dry my hair in addition to heading out in the evenings (meaning more makeup). Of course this also means makeup removal. Which leads me to my problem - I am taking hand luggage only! ARGH! Yes, the boyf talked me into it.

So ladies here are my questions:-
1. What can I actually bring in my hand luggage these days in terms of liquids??
2. If I pack mineral makeup, eyeshadows, lipsticks etc - are these classed as prohibited items!?

As you can see I literally have no clue - please help!!

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  1. I'm not sure the exact amounts but my friend recently went to London from Dublin using only hand luggage and she was able to bring make-up. Sorry i don't know anymore.

  2. I think you're allowed liquids less than 100ml but don't quote me on it.

    Why not take a small facial soap bar and a flannel? That's how I wash my face anyway and I swear by it!


  3. mineral make-up, eyeshadows, pencils etc are fine, but moisturiser and stuff like that you mightwant to buy once youre through security because they sell them in all travel size containers. i know for a fact that there's a Boots in Dublin airport, but you need one where youre flying from... lol i dont know if this makes sense..! xx

  4. I've typed this twice on my phone and keep losing it cos I press the wrong thing! Here goes again:

    You can take any liquid items that are 100ml or smaller, up to a maximum of 10 items that must fit into a 1 litre clear bag.

    Your makeup is mostly solid (including powders, pencils, lipsticks, etc), but I would put liquid foundations, concealers and lipglosses in my fluids bag.

    Here are my tips for travelling with hand luggage only but still bringing everything you need!

    * First, take sample sizes of anything you can find. I usually put more than 10 items in my wee bag, and as long as they are small enough that it's not bursting at the seams I've never had a problem. And you won't need that much of some things, e.g. why fill your bag with a large elaborate perfume bottle when a small sample vial will be enough?

    * Secondly, decant whatever you can. My favourite is a stackable travel jar - you can decant cleanser, moisturiser, hair styling products, etc. into one plastic container that is less than 100ml.

    * Mini sizes of conditioner, shampoo, deoderant, shower gel, etc. are easily found in Boots & Superdrug

    * If there's anything you ABSOLUTELY need to have a big size of - maybe you need more than 100ml of shampoo/conditioner/whatever? I know that I don't for a couple of nights - then you can buy it in the airport after you pass through security. Just remember you can't bring it back home with you at the end of the weekend so make sure it's something you can enjoy while you're away or cheap enough to throw away.

    Hope that helps and you have a great time in Dublin!

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