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Thursday, 31 March 2011

So I wanted to give a lighter colour a go on my hair because usually I look a bit goth-like when I use dark browns.

I had a search in my local supermarket, which if I'm honest did not have that much choice, particularly because I was looking for a semi permanent on the advice of my hair dresser.

In the end I chose Clairol's Nice N Easy Dye in Medium Golden Brown and here is what it looked like...

(sorry it's another picture from the weekend. I had planned on posting this the same day I posted my FOTD trying MAC Paint Pot in Indian wood)

In terms of application this product was easy to apply. You simply mix two liquid together until they are blended and you are good to go! The gloves are RUBBISH though so I ended up using some latex ones I already had.

So what do I think?
Well it didn't dry my hair which is a result but the colour didn't do that much to my existing hair colour other than give it high shine. Having said that I didn't want loads of colour which is why I went for a shade that would warm my hair up and make it glossy. Which worked and was a bargain at £3.99!

Any of you got any hair dyes you swear by??


  1. I've started using Loreal Casting Creme Gloss lately, and I love it. It's abit more expensive, but you get what you pay for. I dye my hair at home every couple of months, which is why I use this one, it's not so damaging to hair.

    Going lighter on dark dyed hair...is not easy...unless you get it done at the hair dressers. Trust me on that one! haha.

    Your hair colour looks great though :)

  2. looks really nice the colour suits you :) xxx

  3. My favorite dye to use is Loreal Feria. It's very true to what the color looks like on the box even on my dark brown/black hair. I def. wanna try Nice n Easy tho. You are stunning and the hair looks great! I am now following you. Feel free to come visit my blog anytime!

    xo//Andrea Marie http://peaceloveandreamarie.blogspot.com


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