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Saturday, 19 March 2011


  1. ooh I didnt know you were on youtube! I subscribed!! :) xxx

  2. Great review, Ive been curious about tanning lotions for a while. I have really sensitive skin though so I'm kinda scared I'll have a bad reaction :S

  3. thank you so much hun! It makes me so happy hearing you say that! xx

  4. I have really pale skin and almost every tan I have used makes me orange. I even tried fake bake which has a green olivey base and it was just way too dark....would this XEN tan product suit my skin?
    All the best, Natasha from the Rambles and Shambles blog

  5. @Natasha Green - are you referring to the Xen Tan Gradual Tanner? If so I cannot say for sure what it would be like on your skin as mine is olive toned. That said, with it being gradual it does not go on dark so you could make it as light as you wanted.

    If you mean the He-Shi tan I am referring to in the vid then I would say same again regarding skin tone but if you use it with a moisturiser the colour will take to your skin gradually and shouldn't go on too dark.

    I think it's a lot about trial and error with tans - it's taken me a lot of trying to find the right one but I love this product so I would definitely recommend it!

    Hope this helps x


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