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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Some of you may remember from my IMATs post that I picked up a few makeup boxes from NYX. One of them was the Winter in Moscow Set which includes eyeshadows, blush and lipcolours.

This set, along with the other NYX sets are perfect for travelling with the fab range of colours that are fantastically pigmented and convenient packaging (which includes an essential mirror).

As the weather is warming up, my natural inclination is to move towards bronze toned makeup. However this morning I wanted to have a quick go with some of the colours in this set to see what they would look like on me.

Due to my USELESS camera it was very hard to capture the smokey effect I had managed to create with some of the colours, I still took a few shots for you all to have a peek at though so you get the gist of the looks you can create!

What I would say is that the colours are slightly darker in person and are great for creating that really smokey wide eyed look.

I would definitely recommend this palette - particularly if you are going away and know you want to bring some heavier eyeshadows to create a more dramatic evening look. The set is £19.95 and can be purchased from the NYX website here.
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  1. I have a friend who loves these type of colours, I might get it for her, she'd love it. are the colours well pigmented and everything? xx

  2. This palette looks great. I really like the blush you have on =)

  3. Love this look!

    Smokey blues are one of my favourite eye looks.

  4. This palette looks great on you. I love the day time smokey eye look<3 I'm having a Winter in Moscow giveaway...Check Out Your Pic Here http://cocoalafemme.com/?p=3301


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