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Sunday, 27 March 2011

I don't know about any of you ladies but I'm constantly trying to achieve that perfect flawless skin look. It's tricky because I love how sheer products even out my skin tone but hate that they don't cover my blemishes. Then, often heavier products are just too heavy. That said a good moisturiser or primer can work wonders and I am currently loving Maybelline's primer. What I am currently really liking is to mix foundations. Well layering actually, which provides the below result.   Here I firstly applied MAC studio fix liquid in NC30 with my cosmopolitan makeup sponge (damp). Then I applied Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Ivory Beige with the sponge. The result was perfectly blended flawless makeup, which lasted all day and all night. I'm talking HOURS. For those of you that like a sheer foundation - this would probably feel too heavy - but it is definitely perfect for a night out! Any of you use the same technique??

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  1. I don't use this technique, i just use tons of concealer after where i need it. Your skin is FLAWLESS indeed :)

  2. That lip colour is amazing! x

  3. yah like EllysMakeupbag I also use concealer where I need it after patting another layer of the same foundation on the crazy acne scars,,

    But ur skin does look amazing

  4. I love layering foundations for nights out! usually for me its MAC Face and Body first then something like YSL Teint Radiance, its such a flawless finish and nice and glowy without looking sweaty :p x


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