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Sunday, 9 February 2014

As some of you will know, I got engaged towards the end of last year and since then I have basically been pinning non-stop on Pinterest (follow me here).  I have a secret wedding board - I don't actually know why it's secret, well I think it's because I want to leave some surprises for my guests etc, but I also have other boards related to everything I love in life including wedding things!

Anyway, last Saturday was a bit like real life pinterest, in that I was able to view all things pretty and wedding related under one roof at the Tatton Park Wedding Show. 

It was my first wedding show and I went with my sister, who is also my chief bridesmaid.  We got there pretty early and the great thing first of all was that it was not ridiculously crowded like any other exhibition I have been to.  Yes, you were able to walk around and see what you wanted to see without it becoming stressful.  

The people on the stands were also really nice.  I met just one slightly pushy person and immediately walked off.  I don't do pushiness at the best of times, but I certainly won't stand for it when it comes to my wedding!  

So firstly, Tatton Park is beautiful.  It's in Knutsford.  My god, I have no idea why I have not been here before when it's only half an hour down the road or so.  Actually went back the next day to show the boyf.  It makes you sick with envy driving past all the AMAZING houses on the way but it's also super inspiring.  Maybe one day I will make enough money to buy a house like that.  Yeaaaaaah riiiiiiiiight!! haha.  

The show was outside of the venue in some pretty impressive Marquees.  I must say, you didn't even realise you were in a Marquee most of the time.  A wedding in the field back at my Parent's home is still an option after all!!

There were quite a few stands but including a catwalk show we were done by 1pm and had arrived at 10am.  I think that's a nice amount of time though.  I may feel differently when I actually have a venue booked etc but for now it was perfect. 

Here are some of my favourite things I saw…

Invites and Table Plans by The Paper Doll

The Paper Doll Designed by Sarah - Jayne

Also on Pinterest

I just loved these invites - they were exactly the kind of thing I would like to have.  Pretty, yet understated.  Perfect.  I like the idea of a nude wedding so I think that invites like the top left or bottom right (style wise) would be perfect with those colours.

Personally, as much as I love Disney, I would not be having it at my wedding - but I still liked the idea of the place cards - I reckon that would be perfect for some girls weddings!

Then the bottom left picture is what looked to be a Bride Survival hamper for the wedding day - I love the idea of this.  Perfect!

Wedding Tiered Cakes and Cupcakes

The top two pictures are Buttercup Cakes and you can find out about them here.  We got to sample some of their cakes and they were DELISH.  Tried a cupcake and it was literally the best cupcake of my life.  All down to the fact that the frosting wasn't too sickly.  I don't know what they had done but they had done it right!  Definitely want to look into them more.  Their tiered cakes were also beautiful.  If you are looking for wedding cakes have a look on their website here.  I will certainly be keeping their details for future reference!

The bottom two pictures were cakes by The Hazelnut Bakery.  We didn't get to sample these but they looked divine in any event!! Loved the pretty layouts of their cakes, especially the macaroon drawers!  You can find out more about them here

The Catwalk

Pretty dresses everywhere.  None of them however made me think oooo that's the one I'd like to try on.  I think the dress trying on stage is going to be lengthy!!  Thank goodness I have like a year or so before I actually have to make a decision on that front!  Think of the day, my favourite was the gatsby looking one on the bottom right.  Couldn't get the front photographed but it moved so well!

Table Decor

In keeping with my potentially nude themed wedding (just an idea at the moment), I really loved this table decor but unfortunately I didn't seem to pick up a leaflet for the designer!  Gutted.   Soooo pretty and the flowers were just to die for!  I really love the idea of centre pieces like this. They are just so beautiful.  And all the intricate detailing of the place settings is so gorgeous.  If I don't use this as inspiration for my wedding then it will have to be inspiration for my table at home generally!  It's just too nice. 

My tips so far for wedding planning

  1. Firstly, do everything in your own time.  Don't get caught up in the - oh you have to book everything now or there will nothing left.  There will be nothing left!?  Really? Ok, well then I will have to wait.  But I won't be rushed just to bag a venue.  At the end of the day, you want it to be perfect and so you have to do what is right of you whether that is booking it all years in advance or booking it all 6 months before.  
  2. Enjoy it.  Most girls have thought about getting married, even if just fleetingly.  For me, I didn't really think about it until I was proposed to.  Which is why I have no idea what kind of wedding I want, what colour scheme, where, when etc.  Obviously I (we) have to make a decision on these things at some point, but I am going to have fun doing it.  Which means I am going to wedding fayres, picking up as much info as possible and loving every minute of it.  
  3. Bring someone who knows you well along with you.  At the wedding fayre my sister was asking me what colours I wanted and I had no idea.  She said, I can see you have a nude wedding. Secretly, that's what I had been thinking and that's what I have been re-pinning (geek haha) which suggests she's pretty much on point there! Also, it helps if that person knows you well enough to tell you when you are having a BAD idea (such as my "oh happy day" gospel choir moment.  Gospel choir yes.  Hymn - not if you aren't getting married in a church.  Oh yes, good point sissy!
  4. If you do have things in mind that you know you definitely want and the exhibitors are going to be there make sure you ensure you have enough time to spend with them.  Wait if necessary and get the information you need.  This will also give you the opportunity to consider whether you really want to work with this person.  Most services you need require you to build an ongoing relationship with the person providing it to ensure you get what you want and they know what it is.  That's why you have to make sure you are able to communicate effectively with these people and you don't feel pressured or like they don't understand what you want.  If you feel like you are getting the info you need from them and they understand you - you are probably onto a winner.
  5. Make lots of notes and take lots of photos.  That way you have a wedding scrap book to refer to when you've slept since you've seen something and can't remember the name of the company, or style of something you liked!



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