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Monday, 3 February 2014

Nike ID
Nike and Liberty of London Print
I am obsessed with Nike.  I constantly lust after nike trainers and it's a running joke now at work that I will probably wear trainers to my wedding.  I won't.  However you can see that people think I love them a lot!

I used to be out throwing money away on Nike trainers whenever I felt like it but now that I am saving for  house deposit me and the boyf have had to put our love of trainers to one side.  For now.

So I have to admit it has been a while since I purchased these.  Last summer in fact.  But I have been meaning to write about my experience for a while and also, I just love these trainers.  They are so pretty and they are ridiculously comfy.

I always want to wear them to the gym but they cost waaaay too much for that so I don't haha.

Anyway, they were easy enough to design.  You just click through the options and chose the colours of the trainer, sole, tongue, ticks, laces and loop at the back and hey presto your trainer is designed!

Then it takes weeks for them to turn up.  And when they do - there is a creature inside the box! Ok, so not a live one or anything, but like some foreign moth type creature.  Not ideal but after waiting so long what can you do!  I'm pretty sure that is not part of the service however and that most people don't experience the added extras!

Anyone else used Nike ID.  Show me your Nikes!


  1. Ha! I have the 'wearing trainers to my wedding' joke, I live in my trainers! They are gorgeous and I do not blame you for splashing on them.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Looove the liberty print! They are gorgeous, great pick :) x


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