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Monday, 28 January 2013

photo-16_zpsf0d7cc3e photo photo-16_zpsf0d7cc3e.jpg

And my new favourite colour is...

(I paid £15 for mine in Boots.  Delivery is £3 unless order over £25)

As you all no doubt know by now I am obsessed with Gel Nail Polish.  I absolutely love adding to my collection and now do my own Gel Nail Polish Manicure at home. 

I have three Sensationail colours now (pink chiffon and coral sunset are the others) and I absolutely love them.

As with all at home gel polishes, I find I have to redo them in around 7 days but I am hard on my nails, an excessive typer and cleaner, and I love a change within that time anyway!  It's super easy to apply also. 

I absolutely love this colour and have been getting nothing but compliments all day. 

Next colour is going to be Sugar Plum I think!!



  1. This is a gorgeous color. I really want to start doing them myself as well.

    Janelle @ GlamorousMama

  2. So simple yet so glamorous! Love dark coloured nails!



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