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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Ok, so this is something I have been using for around 6 weeks now.  

At first I was using it every day although I haven't really used it in the past week.

To be honest, I have got bored of it.  I have given it a good run, but it doesn't really add anything to my makeup.  It definitely doesn't seem to make it last any longer on me.  I didn't think it would realistically as I am yet to find one of these sprays that do, but in the interests of the blog I thought I'd try it. 

Sadly, my makeup doesn't last longer with this.

It's an ok product but all it really does for me is make my makeup look a bit less powdery.  In the way that I imagine a spritz of water would.  So for me it's not that impressive.  I wouldn't recommend.  Having said that things can work differently on different people and £5.99 isn't that expensive so it might be something you want to try if you are thinking of trying these kind of facial sprays! 
(I mean, I spend more than that on lunch in Spinningfields!)

For me though - not something I would repurchase.


  1. I'm looking for a fixer too , I've just tarted using mua matte perfect translucent powder , which is working really well for me! Xx

    1. I love MUA stuff. Not bought any for a while - may have to invest!!!!

  2. loving how honest the review is! won't be trying it!!
    NRC ♥

  3. I haven't read any reviews about this so it was a good read. I have only tried the ELF spray and can't say that it was up to much, either. I might try a few more but I'm not sure anything will make my make up last longer :')




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