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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mascaras.  So much promise they  hold and yet so many let me down!

It's so difficult to find a mascara that you totally love - or it is for me anyway.  This was one of my go-to mascara's back in the day.  I discovered it because a girl I followed on Myspace (back in the day) had amazing eyelashes and when I asked her why it was because of this mascara.

Cue years of applying Fabulash.

I'd say I haven't used it though for about a year.  I can't remember why I stopped  but I did and then when I was looking at photos from when I was in New York three years ago I was like - oh!  don't my eyelashes look good!

So I repurchased it online (there were none in the Boots store) for £5.00.


Sadly though the results weren't what I was anticipating!! It's clumpy and didn't really work the wonders I was hoping for!  Hmmmm.  Also, it's flaky and therefore you end up with lots of black bits below your eyes. 


I therefore don't think that I would recommend this, although I am going to continue to try and work out what it was about this before that worked for me.  Definitely need the eyelash comb to do so though!

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  1. Thank you for the honest review dear!yes it does look a bit flaky but your eyelashes look good nevertheless!love Coco

  2. I'm completely the same, I've been through so many mascaras but still not found the perfect one! I agree with Coco above though, your eyelashes do still look good despite the mascara not being great :)

    Katie xx

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  4. thanks for the review.. i would NOT buy this! :D

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