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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

So there's a lot of hype surrounding the whole Keratin thing at the moment and I must say anything that can make my hair more manageable and straighter, without doing damage interests me!

Now in terms of the whole keratin straightening I'm definitely not sure I buy it. My Mum (who has Afro Caribbean hair) had it done and she hasn't experienced much of a difference other than her hair being flatter when she styles it, which isn't a positive necessarily.

So I though that this could potentially be a happy medium and generally I like a TRESemme new range!

So I washed, conditioned and applied the spray and blow dried. First thing I found was that my hair was much harder to dry both in terms of manageability and actually becoming dry. Now don't get me wrong, having mixed hair (European and Afro) means it is always going to be a bit of work to go from curly to straight but this was a bit excessive if I'm honest. My hair was out on its ends near enough!

Despite that it still felt soft and looked pretty good when I ran the straighteners over it and with my hair being in desperate need of a trim I can't strictly blame the products solely.

So I didn't and just thought I need a trim.

Sadly though my experience didn't get any better. My hair was limp and kinky within 5 minutes of being out of the house! I couldn't believe it! And although the weather is the worst (too humid and wet) on a sunnier day I had the same problem.

So for me this isn't a product I would recommend. I'm really disappointed to say that given my hair normally loves TRESemme products I can safely say not these.

The only thing I would say is that it may work on normal and recently trimmed hair...

Have any of you tried this range? center>


  1. TRESemme were bought out by unilever (from Alberto Culver) recently and moved their manufacturing with it - I think they have gone waaaay down hill lately so this might explain your issues too! x

  2. Too bad. Sucks when products do not live up to standards. I still think your hair looks good.
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  3. I haven't heard of this before but then again my products with tresemme products is not that great!
    And oh wow is your mum Carribean :o ? xx


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