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Friday, 27 July 2012

Oh hello highlights!

Seriously - you would think I was shaving my head with how worried I was to do this but being the crazy person I am (not) I got my at home highlighting kit by L'oreal and went for it! Go me!

Normally I go for a dark all over colour though but I wanted something lighter to try and bring out some colour or something!

So glad I did - I really like it!  I would say though that actually I wish I had put even more in around my face and might do some more soon because I really like it!

In terms of application I found this a little tricky.  You apply standard dye, rinse out after 25 mins (I did about 20 so as not to look like a goth) and then start again with a large mascara type wand and a blue mixture which is the highlighting dye.  My problem was that because my hair is curly it was so hard to get the strands I wanted to do and of course I was worried the whole time that I would end up looking ridiculous.

Next time I will be a bit more confident!
Have any of you used these?

What do you think?


  1. I love it! looks lovely :) I'm terrible at hair dye, but I might try this! x

  2. oh dani it looks fabulous youdid an amazing job, iv never used anything like this, good for you though, it really worked out so well. hope you have a great weekend, im glued to the olympics opening ceremony, great show, kisses from dublin xx leonie

    1. Thanks hunni!! Don't know what I am going to do now the olympics are over! x

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  4. wow, the highlights turn out amazingly!

  5. You did really well, your hair looks fab.

  6. The hair looks beautiful! Really brings out your eyes :) x

  7. I love it!! Following!


  8. Stunning colours love it xxx


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