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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Errrr hello awkward pose!
Hey gorgeous people - it's late - it's sunday and I feel like showing you my gorgeous new outfit - FINALLY.

So the lovely people at Glamorous recently sent me this dress and blazer.  I must say that the blazer has been worn so many times since and I have received sooooo many compliments on it. 

It is literally the perfect bold colour for summer for me - brightens up any outfit. 

I've been teaming it with a beautiful white crochet top I've had for years, black maxi dress, purple see through vest (which I wore on my recent youtube vid here (<---- link) and most recently this DIVINE dress.

I really couldn't wait to show you this dress!  It is the most amazing print and so simple in shape - I know it's just going to be so versatile.  I wore this particular outfit for a family meal last night.  I wore it with black heels (sorry I couldn't get it all in and also sorry for the phone shot but the camera ones just made me look ridiculous - I looked paler than anything which is just not accurate!!)

Anyway, it's super comfy and has a concealed zip up the bag and literally doesn't know how to crease - yay for packing!! Cannot wait to wear this on holiday with my tanned legs and skinnier body!! Whoop whoop!

So Glamorous is a website on which you can purchase truly divine clothing.  I chose this dress and blazer because they are things that I would normally talk myself out of - you know bright print and bold colour. I am just too safe.  

You can't go wrong though - I've trawled through their website here (<---- link) and found so many other items I will be purchasing.  This is the start of a whole new obsession for me!!

And can I just say the paisley print on the dress above can be found in the sale in the form of shorts for £10.79!!! They are AMAZING! Perfect for holiday!! 

They have an absolute shed load in their sale so I am off to spend some of my money seeing as I have just been paid!!! 
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  1. Gorgeous dress indeed. You are so right that it's the perfect colors for summer.
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  2. Pretty outfit dear, happy sunday!


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you - I am literally obsessed with the blazer haha!

  4. i love ur outfit esp your blazer!!

  5. I LOVE the blazer! The dress is very pretty too :) I think I'll check out their site, sounds good :D x

  6. love the blue suit! x


  7. beautiful outfit! xx

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  9. I really love the blazer and dress!!

  10. lovely outfit, that blazer is gorgeous

    Adaora x

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