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Friday, 18 February 2011

I think it's only right that I start this post by stating when I think of Georgio Armani makeup doesn't immediately spring to mind.

I mean I think of jeans and the Armani She fragrance (which I never grow tired of).

However recently I've read about a couple of their products which are influencing my view on the brand.

Firstly, the spring 2011 collection it pretty stunning. Whilst I'm seeing lots of brights about at the moment Armani seem to w focusing more on deep rich colours, reminding me of the rainforest. Love.

Perfect for summer holidays and nights out. I'd wear with a bit of Vaseline on top and lots I'd dark liner, nude lips and bronzedness.

Secondly, the strongly named Eyes To Kill Excess Mascara. Eyes to kill!? Perhaps that's a little extreme but I get the point... I think I would have liked Eyes To Thrill more haha - a bit less violent sounding.

That said - she looks pretty evil there haha!

Joking aside though, I'm always trying to find a decent mascara so I will definitely be checking this out anyway. However whilst it looks good - all mascaras do these days due to false lashes, airbrushing and general enhancing that you see on all adverts these days!

Any of you had experience of these products?


  1. Agreed! On everything you said haha.
    You should give the MUFE Smoky Lash a go if you haven't already. I love it, new favorite!

    P.S : I just tagged you for an award on my blog so check it out :)

  2. The mascara is awesome! I did a post on it here (not great pics but you get the idea!) - http://prettydiamondsolitaire.blogspot.com/2011/01/giorgio-armani-eyes-to-kill-mascara.html
    I'll be buying another tube next week!
    Zoe x

  3. I agree! I love the mascara eyes to kill, I wouldnt use anything else, and their foundations are amazing. I dont know why it's not more popular, I think some of their stuff is better than mac!!!

  4. The beauty brand by Armani features cosmetics, skin care, perfumes, and colognes. It is available at many department stores worldwide and has very few boutiques.
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