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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hey Ladies,

I wanted to create another Valentines possible look for you girlies, whilst also showing you a look from using the NYX Makeup Box Palette only. (Aside from foundation obviously - which was MUFE Face and Body with HD over the top)

So here is the look I created from it...
I thought this look was a pretty one for Valentine's day as its super warming and pretty and romantic. It's an alternative to pinks! (Although I look those too!)
The box looks like what you see below and I used colours on the right - first column 2nd one down and 2nd column 3rd one down.

I also used the bronzer and blush from this set and black to line my eyes. This picture doesn't show to the best extent how pigmented the colours are. I absolutely love this palette because you can create so many looks with it. And it's perfect for looks on the go! It's just less than £20 and can be purchased here. Check out my youtube channel for my video (which at the time of posting has 3 mins left to upload!) on this look to see what they look like in natural light. xxx



  1. You're so pretty! Jelous, haha! Love this look :D x

  2. u have such gorgeous eyes! they're huge!

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  4. You just have the prettiest eyes!! I always see this box at the store, but for some reason I just over look it. The colors look gorgeous on you, this look is so soft and romantic.

  5. You are right! It is such a pretty look for Saint Valentine's Day! Very cute and lovely and I must add I really love that top on you!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. Girl your are super pretty, your eyes are gorgeous and I love your top!

  7. You always look perfect , love the way you do you foundation and makeup


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