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Monday, 21 February 2011

So, what does it do?

According to Maybelline this.. smooths over skin for a retexurised feel and a poreless look

So what did I experience? Pretty much the above. I mean, don't get me wrong - it's not a miracle product - my pores didn't just disappear but they were visibly reduced as were the lines in my forehead. Result.

Here it is with MAC studio fix fluid.

I have also tried it with MUFE HD and L'oreal Studio Secrets - all with good results. I have filmed a video with Studio Secrets over the primer which you can view here. I just didn't want to spend all weekend taking picures (however if you would like me to show you pics of these too just comment below)

The downside to this product was that it doesn't do anything to improve the longevity of your makeup. However, in all fairness, it doesn't claim to. That is just something extra I want from my primers.

That little glitch would not stop me from recommending it though. It retails at £7.99 in Superdrug at present and is normally £9.99. For that price I think it is a gem. It does provide a smoother base to apply my makeup allowing for smoother application. My makeup glides onto my skin better so that is good.

Overall? Good product at a good price - definitely worth a try!



  1. Great review! The packaging looks pretty (=

  2. but i kinda wish it provides longevity to our makeup though...

  3. Looks like a lovely product to me!

  4. I like Maybelline. It's a quality product at an economical price. Thanks for the review! I wouldn't mind picking this one up.

  5. Have you tried the loreal primer and if so would you say this is better?

  6. This looks very similar to the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer... nothing new and exciting unfortunately!

  7. ive been using this for about 2 months now and your right about the longetivity issue... i put on primer then put on eyeliner however after 3-5 hours the eyeliner starts to smudge. i think the problem is maybe 1)im not allowing 5 min for the primer to air out b4 putting on the eyeliner 2) i'm too young? (im 25). 3)im putting it on wrong? but how is that possible you just rub a bit evenly with your finger right? 4)its a crap product.but its good for eyeshadows and blusher really smooth texture as it promises.


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