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Saturday, 5 February 2011

So I have finally had chance to have a look through all of the leaflets I picked up this time last week at the show that was IMATs.

Amongst all the makeup schools, makeup looks, training courses and makeup brushes I spotted within Sleek's info they are launching two new palettes. Always exciting!

One of them is called I-Divine Paraguaya (RRP £6.49) and is filled with warm browns and cool corals. (My perfect colours!) This will be in stores from 16 March 2011 for a limited time only. You will note below that the range also includes Pout Polish in Sugar May (RRP £4.29) and Blush Pan Too (RRP £4.29), which by the way is called The Avoir la Peche Collection.

However, I am more excited this time (and I think you should be too) about the I-Divine Primer Palette (RRP £6.99) which will be in stores VERY soon, 16 February 2011 to be precise!

The colours are designed to match all shades from your makeup bag to create a perfect base and intensify your eye makeup. Eeeeeeeeeeek!

I think that the product looks fantastic and I think it is fantastically innovative. I don't know about you but I will be straight there picking it up at the time of launch!


  1. This is so exciting! I'm definitely getting the primer palette. Surprised we I haven't seen it or the other products previewed on blogs yet.

  2. That blush looks lovely! Some people picked up the primer palette at IMATS, so expect reviews to start popping up soon :)

  3. oooh, love that Sleek are bringing out collections - I got the red blush and pout polish from the Stiletto collection, and will definitely be keeping a wee eye out for this one - the colours look gorge! :)

    a x

  4. I can't wait to get my hands on the eye primer palette, yet my local Superdrugs always sell out straight away! xo

  5. Ive been looking out for drugstore primers, so I may have just found my answer.
    Hopefully they wont crease :) x


  6. Do you know if they primer palette is a permanent addition to the Sleek line or is it limited edition?


  7. I am so excited about the new blush and pout polish, I hadn't seen these!!! yay!!! and that gorgeous palette!!!!!!!!!! :) This might very well have to be my first pout polish.. :) Only problem is I need to find some friend of my grandma there, to buy the palettes for me.. ://

  8. @iamglamourpuss - The primer palette is due to be permanent. x

    I got to swatch the Paraguaya at the IMATS and it's lovely!


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