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Saturday, 5 February 2011

As you know last week I attended London IMATs at Alexandra Palace.

It was a great experience from start to finish, but I definitely found it very tiring.

I travelled down with L from beautifullyaddictedto and we got there for 9.30am. We quickly got our wristbands and headed through the stalls to the room showing the YouTube Gurus talk/question and answer.

We listened to hints and tips about makeup and blogging and then we were off to go shopping! Sensible as we are we decided that we would do a complete tour of the stalls and then decide where we wanted to head back to to make our purchases (with the exception of the NYX stall where we just bought what we wanted there and then!)

There was such a variety of stalls including makeup stalls such as NYX, Illamasqua, MUFE, MAC, Inglot etc. I also noticed quite a few brush stalls and then there appeared to be a lot of prosthetics and body art type stalls also.

The atmosphere was slightly chaotic and I distinctly remember standing at CrownBrush and Inglot for quite a period of time just to try and see the products. After a while I gave up. There is only so long I will wait to look at some makeup and brushes!

Overall the day was a success although I didn't actually take any pictures that are are really worth putting up on the blog - it was just too busy.

You can see my purchases below though so you get an indication of what what there for the average beauty obsessed girlie! You can also see them on my IMATs Video here.

The Valentine's Day Look I created earlier on in the week was done using the MUFE and some of the NYX products. They will definitely be featuring on some future blog posts!

I haven't included the prices because they were all discounted on the day, however if you would like to ask about any of the products and what I paid on the day just comment below or send me an email.
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  1. Thanks for sharing, and great haul :)

  2. Just found your blog and love it :)

    check mine out and if you like it please subscribe :)



  3. Those palettes are gorgeous! I really wanna go to Imats! Maybe next year :)
    Great haul!


  4. good to hear you had a good time! i am determined to go to IMATS next time it's on!

  5. Great haul! I'm definitely going to IMATS next year! :)

  6. How do you get tickets to go to these events?

  7. @ The Brunette - if you go onto the IMATs website you can purchase tickets there.


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