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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hi all!

You may recall my previous post about eyemakeup removers and my declaration of love for Lancomes. (See here)

However, I recently found another good dupe which some of you may like to try. As you will have no doubt guessed from the title it is the No7 version. I ended up trying this as it was within the free gift pack they are currently offering when you spend over £22 in store.

So what did I think??

I was very pleasantly surprised. Very few eyemakeup removers work for me and the only other cheaper one I have found is Johnsons. The No7 version works a treat and removes all traces of my waterproof thickly applied mascara. Yay.

The only downside? It leave my eyes feeling slightly irritated in the following day.

Although the formula is said to be for sensitive eyes, I don't think it means eyes as sensitive as mine (which are RIDICULOUSLY sensitive). I think most of you would be fine, but if like me you get sore swollen eyes even from the wind or air con, you would prob suffer too.

That said, it wouldn't stop me from using the product and I will be taking it with me when I stay away from home as it's in a handy travel size. But for the most part I will be sticking with Lancome's more expensive version as it is just kinder to my peepers *_*


  1. I'm on my third bottle of this! Got my first in a gift set and my last with my £5 voucher! I think it works great but to be honest I think any dual layer remover works great. You need that oil to dissolve nasty makeup! I always make sure I wipe away all the excess oil with a cleanser though or I'd break out! I tried the Lancome one before and really liked it but I kinda grudge paying big bucks for such a mundane neccessity in life haha! Love your reviews as always lady! xxx

  2. Great find! We are lucky that No. 7 is sold in the States at Target. I've never used any of their stuff but good to know that it's a good product.

  3. This looks great, might have to use one of my many £5 No.7 vouchers as I'm nearly out of my usual eye makeup remover!

  4. That looks good, might try it :) x

  5. I really love this!
    Its quite expensive but with the £5 vouchers I always buy it!

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