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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hello ladies,

I was recently invited to an event in London to celebrate the launch of TRESemme's new NATURALS hair care collection. Unfortunately, being stuck at work in the north I was not able to attend but the lovely people sent me some products to try out anyway this week.

It was perfect timing really as I ran out of conditioner the other day and had been using a hair mask as a replacement until I get paid. So I was happy to receive a huge Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner (in addition to Naturals Weightless Volumising Mousse and Non-Aerosol Hairspray, which I will review shortly).

So of course it was only right that I share with you what my hair looked like after using the shampoo and conditioner...

I was amazed at how shiny my hair looked. Not only that though, it was much easier to style afterwards and although it's difficult to capture in photos - it was much sleeker than normal too.

When using the shampoo and conditioner I was met with the loveliest smell, very like all the other TRESemme products. When using the shampoo my hair literally was squeaky clean - which I must admit scared me at first. But after the conditioner it felt so soft I knew all would be fine and when I dried it there were no problems at all. Yay!

The NATURALS range is formulated without parabens, with lower sulphates and is silicone free. It is said to make your hair healthier and shinier whilst also leaving your strands stronger so you don't need to trade performance for natural benefits. I agree with this statement.

As many of you know - I am a lover of redken hair products having struggled with many high street brands in the past. But I have now not had my hair cut in 3 months and because my hair is naturally a "nightmare" (ie. fizzy, curly, dry, splits easily) it really was impressive that my hair still looked sleek, with no sign of nasty ends. Perhaps more amazingly, it stayed sleek and non-frizzy all day DESPITE THE RAIN AND WIND. That is UNHEARD of for my hair!

I will definitely definitely be using this to bottom of the bottle - which will be a while yet! But best of all is the shampoo only retails at £5.39 for 900ml - INSANE!


  1. TRESemme products are such good value...I'll be buying this!

    T x

  2. i'll definitely try this! love ur hair!

  3. Wow! i love how shiny your hair is! I'll definitely have this product on my 'Must Try' list! ;)

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  5. I love love love tresemme! Will be trying this one out! I love he thermal protect conditioner! x

  6. Thanks for this! Those pictures totally speak for themselves!

    You are right, TRESemmé products always smell so good ^^

  7. It looks so beatiful and shinny. Will def check this out. Great review. :)

  8. Wow! Amazing results. Think I might need to give these a try! xoxo

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