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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hey there! Happy Wednesday!

Ok so a couple of you lovely girlies mentioned that you liked the dress/top I was wearing on my most recent FOTN post.

I thought I'd show you it properly so brace yourself for another slightly blurry pic (I will learn how to do this with my camera!)

Maybe not the most flattering outfit given my height and shape, but I'm over it because as you an imagine, it was THE most comfortable outfit I've ever wore on a night out!!

Thoughts!? Any of you go for comfort rather than erm... a more structured "figure hugging" outfit?

~*Giddy princess*~
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  1. Comfort is definitely important for a night out. I love your shoes!

  2. i think it look great on u!! yes comfort is way more important to me than tight and uncomfortable


  3. super cute, I love agood baggy over sized outfit rather than a figure hugging one at the moment, mainly coz im a fatty, lol
    you look gorgeous though

  4. comfort is key! plus u look great!

  5. I actually think this works for your shape! You look great! And yes, comfort is definitely important! <3

  6. i think the outfit looks lovely, you should take more outfit photos next time, you've got a flair for fashion as well as beauty :) x


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