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Saturday, 2 October 2010

As promised - NARS swatches!
Lipstick in Niagara

Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok

And Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine

My favourite is the top one - it's pretty red in real life so it's the perfect going out colour. All are pretty moisturising so I don't find that they make my lips dry or that the product goes weird on my lips.

On my cheeks in all pic's I am wearing the Orgasm blush.

And also I am wearing Maybelline Wonder Finish Makeup in 21 Nude as foundation and Illamasqua concealer under the eyes - rediscovered! I will review these pretty soon!
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  1. Bangkok looks gorgeous, I've had my eye on that since the Mattes came out!

  2. very very pretty! I love the top and bottom one. Well, all threea re beautiful colors anyway.. ^___^ Good for you!

  3. Orgasm has been my go to blush for a while now. Crazy how it looks good on almost everyone! Love it.

  4. You really suit them all you lucky girl! In the first 2 pics your hair looks really beautiful! I think maybe it wasn't straightened or in a different style? It's really gorgeous anyway! xxxx

  5. Thank u ladies for your comments.

    Nic - I had just blow dried my hair in first pic and it went all "flicky" tWas very pretty hehe but a little too grown up for me yet. In another 5 years I think I'll be doing this every day!

  6. You look lovely :)
    Looks like they applied so nicely :)
    I want to try their matte lipsticks :P

  7. you look gorgeous ,,and love ur hair ,,looks so healthy <3

  8. Bangkok looks like such a nice color! I probably need to buy that one some time soon, haha. :)

  9. I really like the first one, & your hair looks gorg! x

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  11. Love the lipsticks. All look good on you!

    Love your hair in the first 2 pics


  12. They're all amazing! and you look so pretty!!! Love your blog :) xx


I really appreciate your comments and read every single one!