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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Over the years I have heard some really good things about Jo Malone. The fact that you can create your own fragrance, the service, how luxurious the skin care range is. So for many years I have wanted to try something.

I don't know though, somehow, whenever I walk past their stands I just don't feel classy enough to have a sniff or a try.

So I was very happy that this little beauty recently from a friend.

It is only a teeny tiny bottle but it has a strong fragrance that lasts for some time. Obviously given the name it has a very citrus smell. It's not typically orangey though - it makes me think more of an orange tree and it somehow more "earthy" than the standard tangerine-esk smell you normally find with orange scented products.

I find it very fresh and light and totally different to anything I would normally use.

It's made me really think that I could enjoy more of their fragrances and will definitely be having a sniff and try of Jo Malone in future. I just have to now that I have been formally introduced!

Do any of you beauties use Jo Malone?


  1. This sounds so refreshing and uplifting ) can you buy this from Space Nk? I haven't tried any of her perfumes x

  2. I don't think you can get it from Space NK no chick, but you can get it in selfridges xx

  3. I have never used this type of perfume, but I love citrus smells.

  4. I have never seen this on malls in our country. Where we can find to buy this?

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