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Monday, 5 May 2014

Yankee Candle - Large Jar £19.99
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Ahhh Yankee Candle.  I do not know of anyone who does not appreciate this brand of candle.  That likes candles that is.

My obsession with this brand started not long after we had moved into our city centre flat and wanted to relax in our home and get rid of any open plan cooking smells.

Luckily for us also, we live relatively close to the Lowry Outlet Mall which means they can be purchased at a slightly cheaper price.

So, firstly Garden Sweet Pea is an absolute must for any of you that love the smell of Hollister.  It literally smells the same as their stores!  Obsessed and always have around 3 of these in at once!

The other two scents were new ones to try.  The Midnight Oasis is a favourite for a lot of people I think but it's not as nice as Garden Sweet Pea for me and I don't intend on re-purchasing.  In all honesty, to me it smells like male shower gel and is confusing to my brain - I feel like I should be in a bathroom whenever it's lit!

The Chapmaca Blossom is lovely to smell in the glass jar, but again not as nice as Garden Sweet Pea.  It's a light and subtle scent so it is probably good if you don't want something too powerful, but for me the beauty of Yankee Candles is that you can usually smell them the whole time they are on, unlike some candles, which you seem to get used to as they burn.

All in all though, I would say you cannot go wrong with Yankee Candles.  There are so many lovely scents and they burn for hours and hours and hours and are totally worth the cost in my view!
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  1. I love Garden Sweet Pea, it's smells divine! :)


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