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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

No Flash - indoors

Sorry for the super long heading - I couldn't think of anything imaginative.  My brain is fried from all the nail art I have been pinning on Pinterest!

Decided to put some of it into practice - very basic I know, but I found some nail art tools I purchased from ebay around 5 years ago and finally opened the package!  I used the dotting tool only and found there was even a knack to that!

Looking forward to perfecting some other skills.

With Flash - indoors
I really struggled to find colours that I could use to copy so many of the pretty looks I'd found.  Moral of the story - I need to purchase fewer dark colours and increase my collection of gold, silver and pastel gel polishes!  Such a difficult task for a girl!

Can't wait!

Anyway, The colours used are Mint Shellac - St Petersburg as the base (I've got to be honest, this chips really easily so I am not holding out much hope of it lasting), Gelish - You're So Sweet You Give Me Toothache as the light pink dots on my thumb nail, Red Carpet Manicure - Parisian Chic and Mint Shellac - San Diego.

Love a good manicure.  Here's hoping that it will last!

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