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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Gelish Shade Plum and Done
Not so long ago I took the plunge and bought some Gelish Nail Polishes.  I was using a couple of the at home brands, but finding it didn't last as long as my beloved Shellac.

I assumed that this was unfortunately just because you do get what you pay for.

I was right.  My polishes by Red Carpet Manicure, Sensationail and Mint Shellac were becoming more and more unreliable and I was getting a lot of chipping and broken nails.  Not good.  I've used three different Gelish Polishes now and each has lasted me 2 weeks or more.  Which is great and makes life so much easier!

Sadly it is a bit more expensive - I get mine from Amazon - I pay around £20 for each polish.  I bought a top and base coat too the with my first colour polish and it came to around £52 in total.


High shine
Long lasting
Chip proof
Protects nails allowing them to grow
Great colour selection
Sturdy base coat brush allows for easy precise application
Large 15ml size bottle means you do get a lot of polish which will last you for ages
Can be cured using both LED and UV lamps


Slim and soft brush design on colour polishes and top coat mean you need a steady hand to ensure you don't get any polish on the skin and application is neat
To get true colour I have to apply 3 coats (this may be down to my application style)
If you like to change your nail colour a lot it can be very time consuming and a bit of a faff!

I do love these polishes and will show you some of the other colours I have - I am due to redo my nails on Tuesday! I'm going to go pink this time as I'm a little board of dark nails now (which is how I felt about light nails 2 weeks ago haha!)


  1. They look really glossy! :) xx



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