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Sunday, 14 April 2013

If you follow me on Instagram (@giddyprincessbeauty) you will probably have realised that I am on a fitness journey.  I have lost 9 lbs so far.  It's involved a lot of exercise and clean eating and I've enjoyed it for the most part.

This is one of my favourite weekend breakfasts - gives me the feeling of having a sweet treat without being too naughty or getting me too off plan.  It also looks yummy I think!

So here it is...


For Pancake:-

Phd Nutrition - Diet Whey Vanilla Powder, 1 scoop (optional)
- One Egg
- 3 Egg Whites
- 200 ml of Unsweetened Almond Milk
- Fry Light Spray (optional)

For Topping:-

- 1/3 cup of Raspberries
- Organic Unsweetened Coconut Shavings
- 2 Tablespoons of Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt
- 1 Tablespoon of Honey
- 1 Teaspoon of Chai Seeds


  1. Crack one egg into a pouring jug
  2. Crack and separate 3 egg whites into pouring jug (discard of yolks).  Or if you like - get some liquid egg whites and pour in relevant equivalent amount
  3. Mix ingredients until combined
  4. Add protein powder (if using) and almond milk and mix until all combined
  5. Warm a Frying Pan 
  6. Spray a low calorie cooking spray into pan to stop it from sticking (this is optional and not necessary if you have a non-stick pan)
  7. Pour liquid into the pan and let it cook for a few minutes
  8. Using a spatula separate the base from the pan gently just to ease movement
  9. Flip the pancake and cook until golden brown

Thereafter serve and add toppings to taste...

Nutritional info - cals 353, carbs 19g, fat 12g and protein 42g
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  1. This looks amazing and judging by the ingredieants it´s absolutely ok to eat at any time! :) Yummy!



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