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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Vivo is a new cosmetics brand introduced recently by Tesco.  Their prices are nice and cheap and it's great to be able to purchase makeup while carrying out a food shop.  Certainly makes it much more exciting! 

Kindly, I was sent some sample to try namely their Lengthening Mascara, Matte Foundation and Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss.

My first thoughts if I am honest were that all three of these products are unlikely to be what I would personally purchase from the brand.  When looking as cheaper makeup I tend to go for shadows, blush and lipsticks.

That said, I approached them with an open mind and here are my initial thoughts...

I like the applicator for the gloss.  I think a brush is often a really nice way of applying a gloss and I wish there were more of these about.  In terms of the colour it's fine, but as with lots of glosses it is pretty clear when spread with only a hint of colour so nothing to write home about in that respect.  One thing I must say though if I am being totally honest is, for me, this is far too glittery.  I cannot stand a glittery lipgloss and I don't think that I am alone in my thinking.  I mean, it's not the most subtle of looks is it.  Which did make me question who exactly this range is aimed at as the last time I wore a glittery gloss must have been back in 2002 if not before and I was definitely still in my teens then...

That said, if it is aimed at teenages then so what.  I think they would certainly be pleased to see a cheap ranged offering lots of products in addition to these I was sent.

In terms of the packaging of the mascara I think this is absolutely fine.  It says what it is meant to do and that is all I am concerned with when using mascaras anyway so I was happy.  What I found disturbing though was that when I opened the mascara the brush was covered in fluffy bits (you can see it in the picture above slightly).  I have yet to use this on my eyes.  I will try it and let you know how I get on, but this really did concern me.  Firstly because the product is new so I don't understand why the brush is in such a sorry state already and secondly because I have sensitive eyes and just think that all these loose bits are going to cling to my lashes and then irritate my eyes all day.  Not really what I had in mind when opening the mascara.  I will let you know...

Again, the packaging is pretty basic which again is fine.  I don't need fancy packaging just a product that works so that wouldn't put me off.  I was shocked by the heavy consistency of this foundation.  It really is thick and felt quite difficult to blend on my skin, however when it did it gave really full coverage.  I like my makeup to look quite "done" in winter, so this may work just fine for me.  I am yet to try it on my face, but I will carry out a full review shortly showing you what it looks like although the shading will probably be a little off.

So there you have it - my initial reactions.  Unfortunately, none of these products wowed me and I was left with the impression that you get what you pay for.  I don't know if that is really a bad thing, but personally I think that at this stage in my life I would rather pay the extra and get things that suit my needs a little more.  Especially when considering the state of the mascara.  The jury is still out on the foundation though so that may change. 

Despite me not loving these products however, I have seen other really good looking products from the range including eyeshadows and a concealer kit.  I would give them a go I think, but when I was in Tesco recently they weren't there! 

Has anyone else tried this range, or any of these specific products?  What did you think?
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  1. I picked up an eye shadow, but haven't used it yet. I use their brow kit every day and the Peaches and Cream blush is amazing!

    I agree though, the products you were sent aren't the sort of things I'd pick from a cheaper brand.

    T x

  2. I agree with you about the things I'd pick from a cheaper brand, been hearing a lot about these though, eyeshadows have been getting some good reviews xx


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