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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Love this colour - I have a similar Barry M version and I just can't get enough of either.

It needs two coats but is fast drying so that is good.

I love to wear this with totally clashing colours or outfits - which is practically anything anyway!! Any of you ladies wear this??
Wanting to add ...
Bobbi Brown, MAC and NARS

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

When I saw this in the bottle I just had to have this colour. It looked so vampire inspired. It's not quite as intense on as it is in the bottle but I like it all the same.

It's like any Barry M shade in that you need 2 coats but after that you are good to go. Very wearable despite being so dark!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Back in September like many of you ladies I took advantage of the Boots £5 off No7 offer and purchased a few bits and bobs.

I haven't reviewed them on here yet, so I thought I would start with this serum.

I'm sure that like me many of you are on the quest for perfect skin (am I right?)which often comes in the form of many lotions and potions!!

So of course the thought of refining my pores is always going to be appealing - hence why I decided to try this. Which I have been using for over a month now. Prior to this I had been using Vie at Home's serum (review here) but like everything it ran out and with No7's only being £12.50 before discount I thought why not.

So what do I think of this product? It's good enough for £12.50 with discount. I wouldn't say that it refines my pores at all but it does make my skin look a little brighter. You can see from the above pictures that when it is rubbed into the skin it has a sheen to it. This is effectively what it does to my face also.

I don't dislike this product but I wouldn't say that I would run out to repurchase it again. I have used a few other serums which have been really good but unfortunately they are more expensive and therefore after this has run out I will be reverting back to the Vie at Home serum because it just worked so well as a makeup base whereas this doesn't.

I don't even need to wear moisturiser with the Vie at Home serum - just a little primer and I am good to go - but with this I have to moisturise and use primer.

It's not that this product is bad and perhaps if you are looking to buy your first serum and have normal skin this would be a good place to start, but for those of you that want something a little more specific, I think the more expensive brands are probably going to be of better use.

I would recommend for those trying out a face serum for the first time.

Even though summer is long gone I can't help but wear a pretty colour of pink every now and then - it makes me feel super girlie and the sensible business attire doesn't allow for much of that in the week.

So this weekend I had to put on an old favourite that I have been wearing for years

What I love it that even though I have had this nail polish for an age it still applies effortlessly - which shows that sometimes you do need to pay more for a better prodcuct.

It's so pretty and fresh and despite being a bright pink it's not so pink that you don't feel you can wear it with much. Although I don't let my nail colour dictate my outfit anyway hehe!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Over the years I have heard some really good things about Jo Malone. The fact that you can create your own fragrance, the service, how luxurious the skin care range is. So for many years I have wanted to try something.

I don't know though, somehow, whenever I walk past their stands I just don't feel classy enough to have a sniff or a try.

So I was very happy that this little beauty recently from a friend.

It is only a teeny tiny bottle but it has a strong fragrance that lasts for some time. Obviously given the name it has a very citrus smell. It's not typically orangey though - it makes me think more of an orange tree and it somehow more "earthy" than the standard tangerine-esk smell you normally find with orange scented products.

I find it very fresh and light and totally different to anything I would normally use.

It's made me really think that I could enjoy more of their fragrances and will definitely be having a sniff and try of Jo Malone in future. I just have to now that I have been formally introduced!

Do any of you beauties use Jo Malone?

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Happy Monday Ladies,

Wanted to do a quick post to demonstrate my version of "smart casual"

I went for a meal and drinks with the boyf on sat night and couldn't stand the thought of getting the legs out in the cold!

So I rocked this little ensemble (with black blazer and umbrella when outside)

The jeans are new look - black skinnies £25
Top was £10 from republic about 2 months ago
Necklace was about £20 4 years ago from Debenhams

I like wearing skinnies with a nice top but I do struggle to find appropriate tops i.e. not too tight or not too long. Do any of you girlies have any shops you go to for the smart casual look?!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

As promised - NARS swatches!
Lipstick in Niagara

Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok

And Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine

My favourite is the top one - it's pretty red in real life so it's the perfect going out colour. All are pretty moisturising so I don't find that they make my lips dry or that the product goes weird on my lips.

On my cheeks in all pic's I am wearing the Orgasm blush.

And also I am wearing Maybelline Wonder Finish Makeup in 21 Nude as foundation and Illamasqua concealer under the eyes - rediscovered! I will review these pretty soon!
A couple of weeks ago the lovely Laura passed me this award...

I think it's such a cute concept. First of all - a thank you to Laura for being such a sweetheart and passing this to me.

Secondly, here is one of my favourite piccies at the moment

Crazy sissy times!! (and yes, unfortunately this is what I look like when I laugh)

And here are the lovely blogees I award it to:-


Morning all!

Recently I was approached by Cellnique regarding reviewing some of their products. I was asked to provide them with my skin concerns and they would send something appropriate to me.

So of course I raised the issue of the PORES. As a result they sent though the Cellnique Amino Collagen C Intense Set which retails at $96 for the two 10ml bottles.

I really like this product. I apply it like this...

From the first time I used it I noticed a difference to my skin. It did actually smooth it out and tighten my pores and my skin feels lovely and soft too. One thing I would say is that is smells pretty nasty. Very strong chemically smell which initially was very intrusive. However I am used to it now. I have used it 4 nights in a row.

Another point also is that the first serum can sting slightly on contact with the skin, but literally for a second.

I am going to continue using this product and review again in a couple of weeks because whilst it improved my skin a lot in the first use I feel that there has not been much improvement from that since. So I will keep you updated.

There is a lot of information on their website about texture, the benefits and how you use it. But to summarise I find that both serums are slightly thinner than most serums I have used before and one drop does go quite a long way. (I need to use two though from each to cover my face). It soaks into the fac providing you with a smooth surface that you can apply your normal primer and makeup over. I have done this but just prefer to use it at night because I have to wait longer for it to soak in so I can apply makeup otherwise.

All in all so far I find this to be a good product and would definitely recommend it, but I will let you know in a few weeks whether I will continue to use it daily or just when my skin needs a pick me up!