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Friday, 30 April 2010

So I am seriously loving lilac at the moment. So much so that I have been on the hunt for lippie, eyeshadow and more than anything NAIL VARNISH. But alas, so far my search has been ongoing and the lilac nail varnishes I have purchase are nice, but not lilac (!?). I know!!! So annoying but they are more pink than anything and I have LOADS of pink nail varnishes already....

Anyway I have been lusting after this BarryM's 308 Berry Ice Cream (such a cute name) shade for aaaaaaages now - I've lost count the numerous times I have been into Boots and Superdrug in my small little "city" and seen that the shelves were bare (well of lilac anyway).

But today the sun has shone on me!!!!!! Yes, that's right I have finally found you sweet lilacy friend of mine. Can't wait to try on tonight!! So excited!! And I have already seen it on other girlie's blogs so I know I love the colour already.
I may just to a NOTD post especially though!!

Yay - New York nailvarnish - DONE.

~*Happy Times*~

From your ♥Giddy Princess♥


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