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Thursday, 29 April 2010

OK, so its official - I need a pair of ♥ Espadrilles ♥. Seriously.

For all of my life (well since I have been going on holiday and able to understand the concept of shoes being something to lust after) I've had a major "thing" for these shoes. It started in Menorca and given that I have been on numerous family hols there its a wonder I haven't bought any yet.

What I love though is that they are now available to buy here and becoming more popular. Yes ok, you could say that I am a follower and that if I had any sense of originality I would have bought them a long time ago, but if truth be told they were just too expensive. I mean who wants to spend like £30 on a pair of beach shoes when you are on holiday!?

Now that I can wear them all day everyday though its a different matter haha! Well, ok not everyday (I think I would get some very funny looks if I wore them to work) but certainly when rocking a pair of skinny jeans. Yay!

And now I am super excited because I have seen that River Island do them for £7.99, or if you want to "go wild" you could pay £12.99 for an even better shaped pair. Oooo which will it be..? I am going for a nosey today me thinks, just to try on of course...


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