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Thursday, 2 August 2012

So you may or may not know that I work in a pretty corporate environment, which does not leave too much room for expression - particularly when it comes to makeup and clothing.

That said, it is expected that you will dress well and as much of a chore that can be when commuting etc, it does leave me scanning the internet for hours looking for inspiration.

I am all about simple outfits with a statement colour piece of jewellery.  I love to wear a smart shirt and suit with a divine necklace.

This colour though is one of my favourites as it works so well with my skintone.  I got the blouse from Miss Selfridge yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaars ago and I just cannot bear to part with it!

The shoes are from BHS and very practical really and the suit is Primark.  I don't have many items from Primark for work, but every now and then I will find an absolute gem and this suit was one of them.  Cost about £35 and would have cost at least £80 from anywhere else!

I would love to show you what my outfits look like on more often but I just don't have the set up at the moment.  Hopefully when I move toManchester with the boyf I can rope him into it...


  1. lovely outfit, love the shoes! I would loveee if u done some more work-wear posts or some OOTD for work, i always struggle for inspiration for things to wear at work like this also! :)

    1. Thanks sweetie!! Will try to when I get my camera set up properly!! x

  2. Looks really smart - my work is a bit like that, no room for expression with my outfits at all xx



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