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Monday, 30 April 2012

Morning ladies,

I wanted to review some Morrisons wax strips with you today.  Not very glamourous I know, but they were only around £3 so I though I would give them a go.

First thing to say is that when it comes to removing hair I tend to just shave.  I used to have waxes but I just hated that you had to let it grow back to then have it removed again, seemed a bit pointless and not very nice!

So I gave up on that and basically just shave.

However, when I saw these I thought I would give it a go, more out of curiosity than anything else, as I have never waxed myself and therefore thought - perhaps stupidly - that it might be easier if I just did it at home.

The strips in this kit are narrow due to the target areas, and you are directed to rub the strips together to warm them up and talc the area you are waxing for more grip.

So I did all that and then applied the strip, held the skin taught and pulled.  Ouch.

It definitely hurts, but it is bearable. Kind of.

I think firstly I thought that actually, this is something a beautician should do, I hate the fact that I had to keep bracing myself because I knew when I was about to pull.

Next thought?  This is bloody hard work!! Seriously.  It took about 4/5 strips to cover the tiniest area.  Definitely not ideal.

In the end I gave up and just thought to hell with this - it's taking way too long.

So I concluded that shaving was the way forward, particularly because I just had red blotches where the hair had been pulled out.

That said, I noticed that surprisingly there was no regrowth a week later.  Which is not something I recall from when I used to get it done.  So waxing may be the way forward after all.  I will definitely be doing this before any holiday now.

At home though no, it will need to be at a salon for me.  Far too much hassle I'm afraid!

Anyone else tried waxing at home?


  1. I waxed about two weeks ago and have only just started to get re-growth. I used a pot of wax that you warm in the microwave. I did a college course in waxing so knew what to do, but doing it on yourself is so much harder. I ended up getting my husband to pull the strips off because I got fed up!

    Holli x

  2. I hate waxing!! Ive only had one experience with it but it gave me a terrible rash so I just stick to shaving, much easier, faster, and it doesn't hurt!!

  3. oh yeah... shaving wins for me. that's a def! 

  4. I don't mind waxing at home, but not the legs though! Too long! I have a depilator thingy for that. Or otherwise I use a depilatory cream. No razor is going over me ever again!

  5. Hmmm I haven't ever tried a depilator.  Isn't that meant to hurt..?

  6. I am certainly of that mind set really - just because it seems so much easier!

  7. At least I know it wasn't solely down to my poor waxing skills then!  I would love to know how to do it properly, but probably still wouldn't end up doing it because of all the hassle! 

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