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Monday, 30 May 2011

So back in July last year I advised that I had purchased these and would let you know how I got on... Yes long time coming this post I know.

The results/update was that basically these didn't work. I was GUTTED! I'd researched and checked out other blogs and seen a lot of positive reviews on these so I was very hopeful.

Basically the strips come with a gel attached to them which is what should so the whitening. I applies the strips directly yo my teeth (not guns) as I was meant to and left on for like 30 mins every night for 2 weeks or so.

I am going to be honest - I saw no change at all. I wasn't expecting miracles BUT I was expecting some change.

The only difference I did experience was that my teeth started to hurt towards the end and I couldn't keep them on as long.

At $20 for two weeks worth I definitely wont be repurchasing or recommending these. It's a shame but for me they just don't work!

I'd be interested to hear any experiences any of you have had with crest White strips - good or bad!


  1. Oh no, how disappointing! I've got some of these and haven't gotten around to using them yet. I hope I have better luck with them, some people rave about how good they are! xx

  2. Wow, that's surprising as I've used these for years and had amazing results. Where did you buy from - definitely a reputable seller? xx

  3. I have never tried the White Strips per se, but I did tried the Crest Whiteneing Gel a while ago and it worked. I thought the strips were even beter, as you have this protective film, and with gel, you can't shut your mouth for a while, as the teeth has to be dried.

    Well it's sad it didn't work out for you. I just bought a whitening toothpast kit, will see if it's any good!

  4. The endless quest... I bought a professional whitening thing for £200 and it didn't work! At least you didn't get stung like me!!

  5. The advanced seal professional effects are better than the vivid ones.

    Did you use them daily? I used them last year religiously to get ready for a dance - I used them everyday for a two-three straight weeks and left them on 10-15 minutes more than I was supposed to. Your teeth gradually fade to white - it's not a massive differences at first.

  6. Ladies - this is what I don't understand - for some of you it works for some of you it doesn't. I just don't get it...

    It makes me want to try again with another batch but then I feel like I'm wasting my money (although thankfully not as bad as you Stepahnie :( £200 is a lot)

    I think I might go down the professional route in a year or so when I have time to save!

  7. Whaaaat are you serious? That sucks! I'm sorry ): I'm currently trialing Scopte White Mouthwash and I'm not sure I see a difference z=

  8. That totally sucks!

    I find that I can't use any of those whitening strips for more than a few days in a row without my teeth hurting terribly.

    I did a crest 3d white challenge to see if it worked and it did! I have reviews and my challenge before and afters on my block if you're interested :D

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  10. Too bad you didn’t see any improvement. I tried Crest and switched because it hurt my teeth too much. My tip is to try Stella White strips, a lot better ;)


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