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Monday, 30 May 2011

Ok so I know this is a pretty random post but I can't stop thinking about beach holidays...

I mean seriously - does anyone else experience this!??

The worse thing is I really want to go somewhere this summer, in August (I have to because of work) and on a budget - not too much to ask eh!! Not!

Oh and did I mention I want all inclusive!! It's just so expensive!!

I've been looking at Europe but seriously it seems just as expensive as long haul but long haul weather isn't as good in August!

Do any of you have any cheapish holidays planned?? Or suggestions as to where I can search for some reasonably priced holidays? Please help!!

I want to be here...


  1. i'm going to Zante in July and it's costing us £472 for 1 week, all inclusive! I think thats decent!

    You should use Holiday hypermarket, or Travel Republic! xx

  2. Portugal has nice beaches, near to Lisbon and it's not too expensive. Wish I was going on holiday too x

  3. Those beaches look divine...oh to be there right now! x

  4. i know how u feel! me and my friends booked a holiday to portugal at the end of june cos it was the cheapest and all inclusive. wish it was august times, but the cash wasnt right -__-

  5. @roshas - Zante is fabulous!!! My husband is from there. So beautiful!

  6. I know the feeling, so that is why I am going to turkey in 3 weeks! Was a last minute deal,all inclusive 4 star for 11 nights £390! We got lucky with our deal but Turkey or Egypt are great value and very very hot! xx

  7. I want to go to all of these places... NOW PLEASE!!

    Thanks for the tips though girlies - I will have another look. Thinking of reducing the days I am there for.

    @charlotte's obsessions - that is a fab bargain - going to try last minute deal I think too! xx

  8. I'm so desperate for a nice sunny holiday! I did have a holiday at the end of April (with the bf and his folks on a narrow boat in Wales) which was lovely but I want to go abroad!! Lol.
    The bf and I are looking at possibly going to Gran Canaria - cheap and cheerful! :) xx


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