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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hey lovelies!!!

Hope your week is going well! I'm on the countdown to my holiday now - tres excited! 4 days until I'm in Egypt! Woo!

Anyway, you obviously now know that I'm obsessed with Gel Nail polish.

It started with Shellac. Ahhhh 2 weeks of beautifully polished nails. That are now long for the first time in my life, all because the polish acts like a protective layer on my nails stopping them from breaking. Result.

However, I'm moving to Manchester this month and that means I can no longer get my nails done as cheap. Booooo. Plus the experience I did have left a LOT to be desired for. I won't name names but a very poor salon experience.

So, cue the at home gel polish kit! What a life saver. I bought the red carpet manicure system because its pretty cheap and there are a good few American reviews out there (seems to be more popular there at the moment).

Sensationail (by Nailene) also do an at home kit too. Obviously I won't be buying the whole system as I love the red carpet manicure one, but because it's sold in Boots it's a lot easier to just buy a polish when passing.

Which is what I did.

And I'm so glad. This is my favourite at home gel polish so far. I love the colour and it applied so nicely. It has a finer brush than the rcm ones which means you can get right to the edge without accidentally catching your skin with polish!

I absolutely love it! And I am definitely getting more colours now! I just hope they bring out even more in time....
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  3. Aw I loooove this shade hun.. your nails are perfect too xx

  4. lovely colour x


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  6. Love this system & color too!

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  8. I love the colour :)


  9. that's such a pretty colour!

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    Love Han xxx

  12. Your nails look really pretty- great color!

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  13. Oh my goodness. Your nails are gorgeous! I need to take care of my nails more. Oh, bet you will find a nice nail shop in Manchester too. Good luck with your move.
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